Information and frequently asked questions

1) What would it cost to produce a new song or orchestral piece?
There are many variables involved in creating one of these pieces, and they affect the price. Here’s a short list:

  • The complexity of the song, its length, and number of instruments. A typical American player will charge no less than $120 for a minimum of two hours. The more complex the music, the better the player required to play it. The highest caliber players will regularly charge around $500 for a 2 hour session.
  • If you’re after something vastly complicated and lengthy with intricate detail, the composer fee will be high. If you’re after something more generic, short or simple, the composer fee will be low.
  • Depending on the project, recording overseas over an American studio is a big money saver, particularly in player wages. For large orchestral works, this is ideal.
  • When I produce a project totally in-house, I play all the instruments and record in my personal studio, removing studio costs, and many other expenditures. This is certainly the cheapest option.
  • Time frame and deadlines for your project can affect the budget. If the time-frame is too strict, I may need to bring on additional help, increasing costs.

“Contrell”, for instance, cost around $7000. I did that one completely in-house, but hired an engineer to mix it. “Spoiled Little Cloud” cost $11,500 due to its complexity and that I hired an orchestra to play it.

2) What am I getting for the money?

  • For personal projects, you gain the right to use the music in the agreed format for life (such as a dressage video and your routine performances). You also have all royalty rights in that medium (any money made in that medium has no claim from me). Two years after delivery, I regain the right to use the music in other media, such as film. Those royalty rights are mine exclusively, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • For contract projects (film, arranging music for bands, etc.) we will negotiate based on whatever contract you provide.